Human Rights Project

International Human Rights Day is celebrated every December 10 to promote the rights and freedoms of people in the world.

This course, to celebrate the 71st anniversary of its Declaration, from the Bilingual Program we have wanted to promote a series of actions with the objective of making these Rights visible to the entire educational community. Surprisingly, only 5% of the world's population has read these Human Rights at least once in their lives. It is for this reason, and with the aim of increasing this percentage, that the students of 1st bilingual ESO, with the help of their history teacher, have created 30 posters that read each of the Articles both in English and Spanish and which have been placed in the classroom doors. In addition, the same students have read them in both languages. To complete this interdisciplinary project, the students of 2nd bilingual ESO in the Technology class have designed the images and video that we show you below.

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