Pythagoras' Theorem

Pythagoras' Theorem

It is maths time now! Have a look at this PPT made by Rocío and Valeria in 2º ESO.

Geography - Volcanoes

                   Landforms: The world of Volcanoes.

This term the kids in the first year of ESO have been learning about different geographical features all over the globe. This is just a sample of the outstanding works our students have made on the topic.

                         1º BC                       Lucía González González

The Route to Human Rights in the Primitive Way

The students in 3ºand 4º ESO in the Bilingual Programme were invited by Where is Asturias to visit the Route to Human rights in the Primitive Way,  which is known to be the first route of the The Way of Saint James, Camino de Santiago. It starts in Oviedo, Asturias and ends in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. ISHR will inaugurate this route as part of its project this year.
The Route to Human Rights in the Primitive Way consists of placing and installing 30 artistic bronze plaques, designed by Spanish Artist Demo (Eladio de Mora) along the 13 stages of the Primitive Way. The plaques are being dedicated to each one of the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. These plaques are sponsored by councils, individuals, private organizations, and philanthropists.
The students visited Cornellana and Salas, homes to plaques with Articles 4 (I have the right to freedom from slavery) and 5 (I have the right to not be tortured) of the UDHR. First they visited Monasterio de San Salvador (11th century) and the pilgrims hostel or refuge.
The following stop was Salas, where they had the opportunity to see the Colegiata de Santa María Real where Fernando Valdés Salas, founder of University of Oviedo, is buried in an extraordinary mausoleum. After that, they went up the Medieval Tower ( 14th century) where they could take great pictures of the village.

Thanks again to Where is Asturias and International Solidarity for Human Rights for making it possible.

Monasterio de San Salvador, Monumento Nacional y Bien de Interés Cultural

Con la Concejala de Cultura  del Ayuntamiento de Salas Ana Pérez Feito,
la encargada de gestionar el albergue, y Valerie Álvarez Jeanpetit, de Where is Asturias

Albergue de peregrinos

Colegiata de Santa María del Real, Salas

Románico Asturiano

Castillo y Torre de Salas

Albergue de Peregrinos en Cornellana

Monasterio de San Salvador, Cornellana