Let's write a visual short story or poem!

The goal this week is to create a short story or poem in the platform Storybird. Based on a series of illustrations, student's will be able to create a story, as their imagination will be enhanced by the pictures they can choose from. 

These are the stories:

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Create a speaking avatar

The next assignment is to create an animated avatar and make it tell a short story, or joke. Hope you enjoy it!

Click on the links below to see the avatars


 Irene M.R. has created the following speaking avatar:


Olga C. has something to tell you:


Nuria G. says:


Iris M., (now a Chinese girl called Iris Lu...) says:


Bárbara H. has a new message:


Nerea P.  leaves her message here:


Paula P. has something to say to you:


Sonia F.  created this talking avatar:


Alejandra L.'s avatar is here:


Paloma C. has created this one:


Comic creation

        This week we are creating our own comic strips with the platform Pixton, which is real fun and user friendly.
Have a look at what our fantastic students have come up with!

Comic Strip by Irene Martínez Rica

Comic strip by Olga Chichas

Comic strip by Nuria González
  Comic Strip by Mario Hernández
  Comic Strip by Paloma Chamorro

Comic Strip by Alejandra Lara

Comic Strip by Iris Mon

Comic strip by Mario Hernández

Comic strip by Pablo Suárez

Comic strip by Bárbara Hevia

Comic strip by Diego Cuervo