Healthy Breakfast is the best breakfast!

This activity was aimed at the groups in the first and third year of secondary school. Its objective was for our students to  value and be aware of the importance of a good healthy breakfast while giving them the opportunity to use the English language as a means of communication throughout all the activity. The students in the third year have been the leaders, contributing to the development of the games, activities and  all the different resources used. Apart from the work of the teachers in the Bilingual Programme, we have also had the participation of the students that are currently doing their internship in our school as well as our teaching assistant's.

Yummy Breakfast

Our healthy breakfast consisted of fresh orange juice, hot chocolate milk, fresh fruit, olive oil on toast, ham, 
and home-made cake.

Food Wheel Puzzle

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The different games and activities let our students  put their knowledge into practice while having fun!