3 D Geometric Figures


Our students from 2º C/D explain how they made these paper slice forms. As you can see, there are many different shapes, colours and sizes. They may look easy to make, but they are not as easy as you may think, even in groups 

During this activity both 2º A/B and 2ºC/D have enjoyed doing groupal exercises in which they have worked collaboratively, helping each other and having fun. The result is magnificent.

Healthy Breaks

Our students in 1º ESO took a survey about their eating habits during recess. 3º ESO pupils analized this information and put the data into graphics. They later  shared the results with the 1st year kids and explained why keeping a healthy diet throughout the whole day is really important for your body and your mind .

Paper Structures Hold Strong!

 Can you make paper hold up books? This is the challenge that 2nd ESO Technology students have faced. They have carried out the technological process, starting from an initial design to the construction and testing of its structure. The entire process, its organization, planning and budget have been recorded in the project report.

8 March School Project : 'So Many Women'



3º AB in the Bilingual Programme partcipates in this interdisciplinary LOMLOE School Project  'SO MANY WOMEN?  

This project tries to make relevant women visible. Our students have chosen extraordinary women from all fields: cultural, scientific and technological.

Hecho con Padlet

International Day of Women and Girls in Science, 11 February

Hecho con Padlet

Hecho con Padlet

February 11 is the International Day that conmemorates Women and Girls in Science.

 In 2023 we celebrate its 8th anniversary by learning about those women who have opened a path in science for us to follow. 

 Globally, only 33 per cent of researchers are women, and they are awarded less research funding than men, and are less likely to be promoted. These glaring underrepresentations limit our ability to find inclusive, sustainable solutions to modern problems and build a better society for all. 

 To raise awareness of the importance of this inclusion of women and girls in STEM , our students in 2º ESO have looked into the lives of some important inspirational women who have become role models for all of us. This year the focus has been put on women scientists who are still alive and come from different continents. Most of them are currently working in their fields of expertise. 

 Gijón is also an example of how women are underrepresented in the town, as only 5% of our streets are named after a woman.