Working as an architect: parking in the basement

'Working as an architect: parking in the basement' is an interdisciplinary project of Technology, Mathematics and English with students of 2nd ESO. The students, in groups, design a 3D parking lot for different types of vehicles, taking into account the current regulations (electric vehicles, spaces for disabled people, motorcycles, bicycles, ...). On a plan and a series of requirements already given by their teachers and using the computer program Tinkercad, the students design their own parking lot.

Bridge Construction


Technology students of 2nd ESO have created a bridge with paper tubes . Working in groups, they have carried out the technological process, starting from an initial design to the construction and testing of its structure.

Desayunos Saludables- Healthy Breakfast

Our 1st year students conducted a survey on their eating habits for breakfast. 3rd ESO pupils analyzed this information  and translated it into graphics. They then shared the results with the 1st-year students, explaining the importance of maintaining a healthy diet throughout the day for both body and mind.

Nuestros estudiantes de 1º ESO realizaron una encuesta sobre sus hábitos alimenticios en el desayuno. El alumnado de 3º analizó esta información y la representó en gráficos que posteriormente compartieron con los estudiantes de 1º. En esta sesión interdisciplinar explicaron por qué mantener una dieta saludable durante todo el día es realmente importante para tu cuerpo y mente.

Christmas figures


Our students from 2º bilingual have ensembled and decorated these Christmas figues made most of them of paper circles.

They may look easy to make, but they are not as easy as you think, even in groups

However, they thoroughly enjoyed working collaboratively, helping each other and having fun.

Merry Christmas to you all!


International Human Rights Day


International Human Rights Day is celebrated every December 10 to promote the rights and freedoms of people in the world.

This year, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of its Declaration, we have taken a series of actions with the objective of making these Rights visible to the entire educational community. It is known that only 5% of the world's population has read the Human Rights at least once in their lives. For this reason, and with the aim of bridging this gap, the students of 1st bilingual ESO have created 30 posters that read each of the Articles both in English and Spanish. These posters can be seen displayed on the doors of every class. In addition, the same students have recorded them in both languages. You can see their work and listen to their voices in the following presentation.